Access control allows you to minimize the risk involved in non-authorized access to the building (or part of it) whereby dangerous situations or fraud and substantial thefts may occur. 

Access control is also of invaluable assistance for an efficient crisis management when clearing the building in the case of fire or any other emergency.

  1. Door interphone
  2. Card key access system
  3. Lighting safety devices; 
  4. Sensor lights and sensor alarms.



Security begins with you. An initiative to set up a system where you can monitor your premises and at the same time control who accesses it not only gives you a certain percentage of safety assurance but also controls insecurity in general.

At ICONET SOLUTIONS LIMITED we have a wide range of Solutions towards security. Be it CCTV Surveillance, Access control, metal Detectors, Electric Fencing, Detect and Alarm Systems withholding a longer list, we shall integrate this into your system


An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion
ICONET SOLUTIONS LIMITED installs this product that warns you of impending fire break outs. They are placed in the areas that are most vulnerable to fire breakouts and a system that aids in fire detection it is very helpful because it directs you to the source of the fire.


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